CARNATION Turkish Bath Mitt with DENIZLI Double-Sided Turkish Towel and soap
CARNATION Turkish Bath Mitt

CARNATION Turkish Bath Mitt

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The bold and rich pattern on this bespoke hammam mitt, aka "kese", is inspired by carnation motifs which were very popular during the Ottoman Empire. Because of its extended blooming period, the carnation was thought to be a symbol of the power and renewal of life, and hence cherished by the Ottoman sultans.

Hammam mitt is a traditional exfoliating glove with a coarse texture, used in Turkish hammams for centuries. It's the first stage of Turkish bath. It penetrates into pores and renews skin through peeling, leaving it soft and smooth.

When you are in the shower, wait until you have been soaking for a bit, glove, and then apply pressure while stroking your limbs in back-and-forth motions. Don't rub too hard or briskly. You'll find a steady but firm scrape is very soothing.

Made of natural cellulose-based yarn and cotton. Ideal to use on body skin. Medium coarse.

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