HAMMAM Olive Oil Soap with Seljuk design
HAMMAM Olive Oil Soap with tulip design

HAMMAM Olive Oil Soap

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HAMMAM Olive Oil Soap, inspired by the ancient Ottoman times and hammams, is made of 100% extra virgin olive oil obtained from the sacred olive trees of Edremit (antic Adramysos) region. This elaborate, beautiful-smelling soap combines the unique Ottoman designs such as Seljuk or tulip, with the modern time bath luxuries. 

HAMMAM Olive Oil Soap creates a very fine lather, that is lotiony and creamy. It's a sustainable, natural artisan product, promoting high-quality skincare by using hand-picked and natural ingredients.

It's a wonderful gift for spoiling yourself and your loved ones.

Weight: 250 gr. (8.82 oz)

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