Housewarming gift ideas

Housewarming gift ideas


It feels as though since work-from-home has become the new norm for most companies, people have been moving like never before. Whether they’re looking for extra office space, more square footage, or even looking for something outside of the busy city, all these moves could only mean one thing—housewarming parties!

While moving can be a nightmare, the real silver lining of this often-stressful experience has to be the housewarming parties. It’s a tried and true way of making your place feel like a home and is one of the first major memories you’ll make in your new space. So, if you have a friend or loved one that recently moved and you’re looking for the perfect gift to liven-up their new spot, take a look at our list of our favourite housewarming gift ideas that are sure to get you on the priority list for future dinner parties


You can never go wrong with a bottle of wine

Engraved Bamboo Wine Bottle Gift Box with Tools

Starting off this list with a classic, showing up to any housewarming with a nice bottle of wine is customary. How can you make this gift even better, you ask? Gift it in a customizable wine bottle gift box with tools that the host will definitely need for their new home! You have the option to engrave the box with a name and date, making it the ultimate gift for all your wine enthusiast friends. Not to mention, this box comes with all the tools they’ll need to crack open and enjoy their delicious wine. If you’re not sure what to get the host, this simple but thoughtful housewarming gift is one of the best items you can give.


Make-your-own-cocktail kit

Make-Your-Own-Cocktail Kit

We think this goes without saying, but you can never go wrong with picking up a good bottle of their favourite alcohol. One great idea for a friend who has their go-to cocktail, is picking up all the ingredients and gifting them in a cute make-your-own-cocktail kit! Choose from a list of premium ingredients like farmers market citrus or mixers and a fancy bottle of hard liquor and your host will love it. You can even make your own twist on their favourite cocktail by infusing simple syrup with a fun flavour. Some cool simple syrup additions could be flavours like lavender, rosemary, mint, and even basil depending on the drink. Don’t be afraid to make it yourself, if you haven’t made simple syrup before, it’s a super easy process that takes minimal time and effort but makes the gift even more thoughtful!

If you’re feeling extra generous, you can add a fancy shaker and bar tools set as well to get your host set-up for the ultimate party! You can pick one from almost any kitchen supply store and depending on where you pick it up from, they vary in quality and price.


One word: Glassware


One of the best and most practical things you can give your housewarming host is, hands-down, good quality glassware. In the same vein as the previous gift idea, buying them a set of wine glasses, coups, or even a set of bourbon glasses depending on their favourite poison is the perfect way to save the day! These fragile items are the most common things to break in a move and couldn’t come at a better time. Moreover, most people tend to purchase affordable options like the IKEA brand glasses for themselves, so it’s a great opportunity to treat them to a lovely set of glasses they can use for years to come.

We’ve linked a stunning coup glass set from CB2. While you can really go to any luxury home store for glass sets, CB2 has a modern but classic take on home décor that we absolutely love! The options are endless though, so go for what you think your host will love most.


For the coffee addicts

Turkish coffee At Origin

Maybe the host isn’t the biggest wine drinker or perhaps they're the type of people with coffee running through their veins. Regardless, picking up a bag of premium coffee and some good quality mugs is a sure-fire way of plucking at the heart strings of your coffee-addict hosts!

For those of you in the Toronto area, try checking out some of the incredible coffee roasters the city has to offer. One that we’ve tried and absolutely LOVE is At Origin Coffee located in Midtown just south of Eglington and Mount Pleasant. This artsy café sells single origin, micro lot African beans and (our favourite) Turkish coffee.

If you’re unfamiliar, Turkish coffee is a bold, espresso-like coffee that’s brewed and served unfiltered. If you haven’t sampled it before and like to step outside of your comfort zone, At Origin is the place to go for a piping hot cup of Turkish coffee! It’s also a great way to quality control your gift to ensure it stands out amongst the sea of housewarming gifts the hosts will likely be receiving.  Plus, after all the unpacking they’ve been doing and likely still have to do after the party, a cup of joe is probably exactly what they’ll need!


Pick up their favourite flower or plant 

Dried flowers at Euclid FarmsGifting a potted plant is another classic housewarming present that you really can’t go wrong with. If your host has a green thumb, chances are they would love you forever if you went out of your way to pick up a rare houseplant for their new space. Plant nurseries are becoming all the rage in these past few years, and if you’re clueless like us in this domain, the staff is always super knowledgeable on all the plant species and is able to answer any and all questions you may have to make your gift perfectly suited for the host!

If your host falls on the other side of the coin in terms of their green thumb abilities, dried flowers are a trendy new option—and they’re also absolutely stunning. Again, for all of you in the Toronto area, Euclid Farms is a swanky flower shop located just across the street from Trinity Bellwoods park in Queen West. Famous for their dried flower bar, these guys have some of the most beautiful dried flowers in the city! Not to mention, they also have a gorgeous vase collection and a variety of small gifts from local businesses to accompany your flower arrangement. These flowers are impossible to kill but will last forever because, well, they’re already dead!


A cozy throw for their new home

COTTON WHITE Blanket hangin from a basket
We couldn’t finish this list without including one of our very own bestsellers! From as unbiased of a perspective as we can be, there’s nothing that says thoughtful like gifting your host with an item from a small local business. This COTTON WHITE Blanket is made with 100% Turkish cotton and detailed with a gorgeous chevron pattern. We love gifting this blanket in particular because it really goes with any home style and is such a luxurious texture. Not to mention it’s huge, so it’s great for adding an extra layer onto your host’s bed as we go into the cooler season and it’s a great cuddle blanket for those nights watching Netflix on the couch with their partner!


A new board game

Chess board game at home

Is your host a board game enthusiast? Then you really can’t go wrong with a new board game! Check out your nearby board game shop and keep an eye out for the hottest new game. Even picking up a nice chess set can be a great idea. Just make sure you know their collection first before going out and getting them a new game. You’ve likely been playing them on their game nights anyways so just keep that in mind.

Not to mention, it’s also a great way to get a guaranteed second invitation to their place to break in the new game!


For the dog parents

Furbo dog camera

This one goes out to all the hosts with a furry friend—the Furbo is a cool “doggie cam” that seamlessly blends with décor. If your friends or family don’t already have one for their dog, you have to consider this as your peace offering.

The Furbo acts as a virtual dog sitter, detecting when your dog is howling or crying with a specific warning notification. Additionally, it’s treat-throwing feature is what’s made Furbo as popular as it’s become in recent years. So, whether it’s your dog with the separation anxiety, or maybe it’s you, you can keep an eye on your pup, talk to them, and even throw them a treat or two when you’re out running errands or at work.


Wrap up

We hope this list was helpful and sparked your inspiration for your upcoming housewarming party. And don’t forget, when in doubt, just bring a nice bottle of their favourite alcohol! Moves are stressful and the best way to make unpacking even just a little bit easier is with a glass of your favourite drink.

Have fun and as always, good luck!

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