Oakville harbour at sunset with sailboats docked and the town's skyline in the background.

Hello Oakville! Explore our Turkish towels

I’m delighted to share that Turkish Towels Etc. is now in beautiful Oakville! Having lived in both Istanbul and Toronto, I appreciate the unique pace of life in each city. Istanbul's vibrant hustle and Toronto's fast-paced energy have their charm, but Oakville's easy-going and nature-friendly atmosphere truly feels like home. 🏡

It’s a joy to cater to my new neighbours in Oakville and Burlington. Curbside pickups and product check-outs by appointment are available to make your shopping experience convenient.

With summer just starting, it's the perfect time to explore our collection of colourful Turkish beach and bath towels. These versatile, high-quality towels are perfect for all your summer activities, from beach outings to backyard picnics. They also make beautiful throws for those cozy summer nights.

For backyard decor, consider adding a touch of Turkish charm with our evil eye decor items, such as NAZAR Owl Wall Hanging or NAZAR Daisy Wall Hanging. These pieces are not only beautiful but also add a unique cultural touch to your outdoor spaces. 🧿

I’m so happy and excited to be in Oakville. I invite you to check out and discover Turkish towels, Turkish bath, and home decor items that will add a special touch to your home. Here’s to a summer filled with fun, sun, and lots of Turkish towels in Oakville! ☀️
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