Denim on white KILIM Double-Sided Turkish Towel as picnic blanket with sandals, book, backpack

4 ways to use Turkish towels for your next picnic

Looking for ways to make your next picnic more comfortable and enjoyable? Consider using Turkish towels! These versatile towels are lightweight, easy to carry, and have a variety of uses beyond their traditional function as bath towels. In this post, we'll explore four essential ways to use Turkish towels during your next picnic.

1. Using Turkish towels as picnic blankets

One of the most obvious uses for Turkish towels during a picnic is as a picnic blanket. Unlike traditional picnic blankets, Turkish towels are lightweight and easy to fold and pack, making them an ideal choice for picnics. They're also versatile enough to be used as both a blanket to sit on and a cover to keep food off the ground. Make a picnic statement with colour options like PERA Turkish Towels or KILIM Double-Sided Turkish Towels (aka they are reversible). 

2. Using Turkish towels as tablecloths or placemats

Want to create a stylish picnic table setup? Consider using Turkish towels as tablecloths or placemats. With their vibrant colours and patterns, Turkish towels can add a touch of elegance to your picnic table. They're also absorbent enough to catch spills and messes, making them a practical choice. LEAVES Peshtemal Throws or SULTAN STRIPY Turkish Towels are just some of the Turkish towels you can make picnic tables a lot more exciting.

3. Using Turkish towels as napkins or wipes

Instead of using disposable napkins or wipes during your picnic, opt for eco-friendly mini Turkish towels instead. These small-size Turkish towels can be used as napkins or wipes during your picnic, and then washed and reused afterwards. They're durable enough to handle multiple uses and are gentle on the skin, making them a great alternative to disposable napkins. Try Turkish kitchen and hand towel options like SULTAN STRIPY Turkish Hand Towels or LATTE Turkish Kitchen Towels for stylish and practical picnic moments.

4. Using Turkish towels as sun shades or towels

If you're heading to a sunny picnic spot, Turkish towels can be used as makeshift sun shades to provide some much-needed shade during your picnic. Additionally, they can also be used as towels to dry off after swimming or to clean up spills during your picnic. Stripy designs such as CLASSIC Turkish Towels or cheerful TIE DYE Turkish Towels for tie-dye lovers are always both beach and picnic ready.

In conclusion:

Turkish towels are a versatile and practical choice for your next picnic. Whether you use them as a picnic blanket, tablecloth, napkin, or sun shade, they're sure to make your picnic experience more comfortable and enjoyable. So next time you're planning a picnic, don't forget to pack a few Turkish towels in your basket! 

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