ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Soap Bars upclose with Ground Coffee & Coconut Oil
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Soap Bars with Ground Coffee & Coconut Oil

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Soap with Ground Coffee

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The simple act of washing with soap and water thoroughly, followed by drying with a clean towel is the golden standard for preventing disease. This all-natural activated charcoal soap has coconut oil as well, making it extra mild and gentle. It is soothing, detoxifying, and a great green alternative to traditional facial soaps. It's good for all skin types and is gentle enough for daily use.

Benefits of ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Soap with Ground Coffee:

  • Helps to keep viruses away.
  • Perfect skin moisturizer thanks to coconut oil.
  • Coffee can help fight free radicals and slow the aging process.
  • Gently exfoliates and helps brighten skin.
  • Healthier and greener cleanser.

Eco and pet friendly, cruelty free, vegan and all natural. No preservatives, no additives, no artificial ingredients.

This beautiful, artistic soap makes a great health gift and mood lightener. Try a bar and you will feel the difference.

Each soap is handmade and may vary slightly in weight and shape.

"The hand expresses what the heart already knows. Why do we try to form ourselves, to nature, to our faith, to our love? When you give the passion of the creative process with your hands, you will understand that your heart knows when you are free from formality. You feel the pleasure of being original and the passion of the creative process. Because of that I make my soaps with all natural ingredients by my hand." - Hande Anter, Toronto-based Turkish soap artist.

Weight: 100 gr.

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